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 Operation Manual

This year the fishmobile will contain a theme-related maze. Participants will follow the maze and encounter some of their beliefs.

What follows is a simple, relatively art-free draft of the maze, expressed as text blobs connected by arrows. When there are choices, there is more than one arrow leading away from a blob of text with a word or short phrase next to each outward arrow. Choose the one that fits best.

There are eleven "Parts" to this depiction of the fishmobile maze -- a few are quite "dense" (text blobs close to each other with a spaghetti of arrows flowing between them) because I was trying to prevent the need to flip back and forth between pages. When you leave a page at the bottom you will not need to return based on questions in future pages.

When we build the real maze, the "density" will not be an issue. The interior of the fishmobile is our canvas, and there are no "page boundaries" to bother with.

In this web-based experience the first text blob on any page is always blue, so when you go to the next page you will always know where to begin.

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