Parking Odyssey

 Parking Odyssey


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The Fishmobile has finally found a home! Wahoo! Where? It's a secret, but it's in West Oakland. There is a truck route all the way to my secret Warehouse. It costs somewhat less than the RV lots who had offerred me space after Angela Hill's Oakland Tribune article came out. Then someone in West Oakland contacted me and we made a deal with a handshake.

After Angela's article, I got many phone calls from folks with places for it from between free and RV lot prices. The places were from Tracy to San Lorenzo to Vallejo and points in between. One person in Hayward allowed me to keep the Fishmobile behind his Warehouse for a week and wouldn't take any money for it.

Let's just say, you'd don't parallel park this thing and move it on Tuesdays for street cleaning. One of my concerns with the Fishmobile is that the artwork on the outside not get covered in graffiti. Also, I live in San Francisco so I can't check on it more than once a week, at most. So, some sort of lot with a locked gate is a minimum. When you think about it, someone ownes every non-public square foot of any space in a city, and they are probably paying money to have that space. The Fishmobile is 33 feet long and 10 feet wide, that's 330 square feet!

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