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What lies beyond belief? Transformation!

If one desires transformation, then one must challenge and go beyond one's beliefs.

Before the transformation, it seems beyond belief that one could actually transform. Sometimes what we want seems impossible. But that may be one of the very beliefs that we need to challenge!

After the transformation one can reflect upon the specific beliefs that had to be overcome.

It is in everyone's nature to transform and grow, but it is also in our nature to create strong beliefs. These sit in ballance within each of us, holding us to our vision of our selves and our lives.

If we desire to change our selves or our lives, we begin by changing our vision; creating a new vision of our success guides our hearts toward its realization.

It is either mysterious or obvious which beliefs stand in our way. It is obvious when we hear their chattering little voices in our head criticizing us and stating our limits. They are no more than words: they are not you. You are the one who is hurt by them.

Obvious beliefs can be challenged directly, by asking for proof. Notice how silent criticisms become when the burden of proof is upon them. Obvious beliefs are diminished by bringing them into the open air for other people to experience. When criticisms are the target of criticism, all productivity ceases and fears compete. Let them keep each other occupied. Meanwhile, you shall get on with your dreams.

Mysterious beliefs are the ones of which we are not fully aware. They are the subconscious assumptions and fears we hold onto from the injuries and successes of our childhoods. The blurred, ancient memories from our youngest days remind us vaguely to be careful or to seek out what we miss. We cannot easily name them or expose them or see them again clearly.

Mysterious beliefs can be exposed a little at a time through close relationships with others. People who know you can see things about you to which you are blind. We are social creatures and there's no reason to think we can transform without the help of at least some of those around us.

You might be able to choose your time and place to confront obvious beliefs, but you will probably have far less control over when you must confront your mysterious beliefs.

Transformation is change we desire within ourselves and our life. But change begets change and we cannot forsee all ends. So transformation involves risks as well as rewards. When we're ready to accept the risks and ready to challenge our beliefs then we are ready to transform.

Sometimes, simply being ready to transform is enough, and we realize that we have already changed through the process of preparation.

Sometimes we must work to create a new reality, using our hands, minds and backs.

Sometimes we must redefine ourselves to others and hold them and ourselves to that new vision.

Sometimes we stand ready for a transformation and it doesn't happen for us. We have missed a belief somewhere, because when all beliefs are moderated by the clear vision of your transformed self, you will already be that new you, and all that remains is the expression of the new you to the rest of the world.

We are born in pain. Childhood, even when filled with play, is also filled with painful lessons. As children we do not actively guide our own development as we might when we are older. If we believe it is our birthright to find happiness, then we must transform along the way. We must wrest control of our own lives away from our parents and from their beliefs so that we can discover our own happiness. It is not possible to enjoy someone else's dreams as much as your own, but you must find your own dreams. Dreams are beliefs about happiness. If the transformation you seek is toward happiness, then consider the origin of the dreams you keep to make sure they actually are your own and weren't given to you when you were small and unable to choose for yourself.

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