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 Operation Manual

When the participant leaves the fishmobile they are in a different place at Burning Man because the fishmobile will be have been creeping along at about 1 mile-per-hour the whole time they were inside.

The artistic details of the maze are yet to be determined. I know some of the elements that will be involved are:

  • blacklights and blacklight sensitive materials
  • fish
  • some blacklight-sensitive cards with text on them
  • fish
  • lots of things with texture, which I call the "experience maze", which people traverse on their way to the next text blob.
  • fish
  • deep sea scenery, animals, plants, rocks, sunken ship?

It should take enough time to get to the next blob to give them a chance to think about what they just read. If they take the "I know everything path", the experience maze might be various grits of sand paper, punctuated by small dots of fake fur glued on occasionally and randomly, leading right to the exit. Bu-bye now! :-)

So, really, there is a lot yet to be designed and executed. There is plenty of room for people to innovate in the project and make a huge cntribution that will be appreciated literally by thousands of people.

In addition to the experiece elements and the placement of the text blobs, there is room for lots of belief related and fish-related artwork. Many of the text blobs could be accompanied by artwork to exemplify or amplify or expose the meaning there. At one point the maze says:

Give your enthusiasm to your transformation and the energy will be returned to you manifold.
Perhaps an M.C.Escher-esque group of waterfalls feeding each other's source pools, with waterwheels taking power from each. Not just perpetual motion, but one that yields energy!

The fishmobile art crew, a developing community of artistic individuals is looking for new members to help with the project. You can join the art crew whether you are going to burning man or not. All work on the fishmobile will take place at my shop in Alameda, or at is secure parking spot in West Oakland. For more information contact:

a r t c r e w @ f i s h m o b i l e . n e t

This was a draft of the maze text, the text may change somewhat, or even a lot. Your comments are welcome, but I reserve the final editorial choice for the project.

Send comments to:

c o m m e n t s @ f i s h m o b i l e . n e t
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